About Us

 Star Drug Testing Services

Star Drug Testing Services provides drug and alcohol, and food intolerant testing by means of hair, nail, urine, saliva, dried blood, breath or nasal/throat swab. Testing can be instant (POCT) or sent to a lab for confirmation. Testing is done for random, pre-employment, reasonable cause, personal, return to duty, follow-up,  by coming to one of our two Winnipeg facilities, or calling to schedule a mobile test during or after hours. Our clients include DOT companies, NonDOT companies, CFS, construction companies, RCMP, City Police, Pilots, Personal, and employers in Manitoba and across Canada. We also offer training courses that complement the needs of our clients allowing them to comply with drug and alcohol policies within the workplace. Our testing is endless as we have access to thousands of collection sites in North America.

Our History

Star Drug Testing Services has been drug and alcohol testing since 2007 centered within the Western Trucking Hub of Winnipeg in the Inkster Industrial area.  As the demand for testing increased, Star decided to expand with a second site in the southeastern corner of Winnipeg just off Lagimodiere Boulevard in the Fall of 2020. Covid-19 was gaining power by creating many obstacles for the “testing world”. This is when our Star Mobile Unit came into play as we started servicing Winnipeg and rural areas of Manitoba to provide a safe testing environment for all. Star was then faced with the demand from employers to prioritize asymptomatic Covid-19 PCR, antigen and antibody rapid testing. Star quickly responded to this demand by being a part of the solution, and in February 2021 expanded the 42B Speers location site to perform Covid-19 PCR, antigen and antibody testing. Covid-19 testing has now ended as of Fall 2022.  In addition, the need for food intolerance testing was implemented in November 2022.

We have continued to establish a professional, compassionate and caring connection with our clients and continue to provide excellent customer service and training to the companies and individuals we serve.

Our goal is to serve our community and clients in a fast and customer service-based manner, where everyone is treated with respect and a smile. We take pride in offering these services to clients in a safe and clean environment all the while ensuring that we get them out and on their way as quick as possible.

  • Our Professional Team is comprised of fully licensed and trained collectors.

  • We offer the benefit of same-day appointments, mobile options, after hours testing, and post-accident testing as required.

All this is done with your privacy in mind. We appreciate the delicate nature of our job. In conjunction with the present-day privacy legislation, we ensure that all our clients’ information remains strictly confidential.